We're all about making friends! Challenger Baseball is always looking for buddy volunteers.We need buddies (kids and young adults ages 10-25 who don't have disabilities) to assist our players who have developmental disabilities as they play baseball. For example, buddies go with our players as they go around the bases and help them as they play in the field. If a player uses a wheelchair a buddy might help push their wheelchair around the base paths. But the most important thing a buddy can do is talk to our players and make friends.
Many adults have inquired about volunteering as buddies for Challenger Baseball. Our main goal with St. Louis Challenger Baseball is to make friends. We feel very strongly that children and young adults ages 10 to 25 make the best buddies for our players as they play baseball. Our players and these buddies can relate to each other on similar levels and make great friends with each other. Adults can make the biggest difference by making it out to the games and cheering on our players from the sidelines.
If you would like to be a Challenger buddy or know someone who might be interested, please register online below. You can also mail the buddy registration form to the address below. You don’t have to make every game! Any games you can make are great.
For registration questions, please contact Buck Smith at buck@challengerbaseball.org.
NOTE: In most instances, this program can be used toward required community service projects in schools.
There are two ways to register:
1. Register Online
Simply fill out our online buddy registration form below and you're automatically enrolled and will receive information shortly:
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